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Best Cover Band - 2011 by River Front Times St. Louis


It takes some serious cojones to take on a part-time job (and full-time hobby) with the sole purpose of reviving '80s hair metal. It would appear, then, that Capone is ballsy. The tribute band goes all out in its almost Spinal Tap-like quest to introduce audiences to the full hair metal experience: Mötley Crüe, Warrant, Poison and Ratt all make appearances on a setlist devoted to girls, girls, girls and hairspray, hairspray, hairspray. If you can take your eyes away from the band members' pipe-cleaner-tight pants, you'll find that the cheese factor of the show is nestled comfortably below an aggressive light show, minor mayhem, generous tattoos and some genuine entertainment.
Mar 30, 2011
Featured Band: Capone - Live in St. Louis.
The 80s called, they want tickets.
Capone played in Maryland Heights at Gameday on Dorsett this past week and I was lucky enough to attend and experience the truly entertaining, knock out performance from dedicated following of fans.
Capone is full circle talent and lacks nothing when it come to "bringing it" on all levels.
Since my hotel room was about 20 feet from the bar, I had to go to the room and grab a camera and capture some digital imagery for you  fans of the hair era.
Visit for photos.
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Cover bands are usually seen as second-rate rip-offs, but Capone is something different entirely. It's a cover band that brings back to life the glory (or the horror, depending on your opinion) of 1980s hair metal. The men of Capone might even put on a better show than the bands that they mimic because they are very clearly doing it out of love for the music. It's not tongue-in-cheek. There's no sarcasm and no irony. Capone is just a hard-working band paying tribute to its musical heroes in the most authentic way possible: imitation. The band does well with both the style and attitude of the era, but behind the bandanas and the eyeliner and the leather pants are modern musicians playing with passion. They might not have written these songs, but they feel them and celebrate them and always offer audiences nothin' but a good time.
Jamie Lees (RFT Magazine 2012)